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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new details on the lax shooting. we are in los angeles with what we are learning of the suspected gunman and the new step one of his victims is taking today. >> the oakland a's play across the bay at at&t park? the new situation that could end with the a's at the home of the giants. >> google chairman calls out the u.s. government over his response to accusations the n.s.a. spied open his mountain view company. >> good monday morning at 6:00, daylight savings time ended. hope you made the adjustment and enjoyed the extra hour. >> sure d it is cooler this morning. will we see a warm-up? >> we are, starting today, up to 15 degrees cooler. frost could be forming up in the north bay right now with live doppler 7 hd showing the dry air taking over our neighborhood. 48 degrees, mid-to-upper 40's an the bay from now to 7:00 and 63 with sunshine at noon and a few high clouds and warmer this
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afternoon at 67 degrees. grab the coat with the sunsetting at 5:00. cooler at 7:00 than what you have been dealing with, for six months. 42 degrees is the general inland. about 33 degrees right now in santa rose. 68 at 4:00 and 58 at 7:00. temperatures are in the 40's with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50's. leyla gulen? >> it has been busy. i have to say. we have the usual congestion over the altamont pass but that is looking busy. we have a motorcycle accident causing quite the pinch in the commute. the on-ramp to northbound 101 is affecting but we are seeing plenty of traffic northbound up to the 280/680 split northbound we at marsh road we have a report of a car that spun off the freeway so a major accident and we could see heavy traffic as emergency crews arrive.
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this going to be our bay bridge toll plaza with 9 metering lights on and the traffic is backed up out of emeryville. >> we start with the latest on the lax shooting investigation. abc7 news has learned the roommate of the suspect dropped him off at the airport on friday not aware that ciancia was going to carry out attack. ciancia is under armed guard and heavy see dangerous at -- and heavy sedation. >> this morning, we are in front of what f.b.i. agents are calling paul ciancia's last known address in sun valley area which is out of the of los angeles. they say he lived here after spending the majority his life in new jersey. here is a look at man, paul ciancia, just 23-year-old, an
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unemployed motorcycle technician. on friday, according to the f.b.i., he was shot four times by airport police, arrested and hospitalized. authorities say he was dropped off at lax and began hunting t.s.a. agents to kill. he succeeded. the shooting spree caused 1,500 flight flight to be delayed and cancels with thousands forced to evacuate the airport. we spoke to a neighbor near his apartment who said his wife was home when the f.b.i. stormed his hope the. >> they remain forked in here and starting headed back here. she didn't know what to think. it seemed like this were 50 of them. >> they got here right after the shooting 'til about 1:00 o'clock in the morning. >> ciancia is accused of
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murdering 39-year-old t.s.a. agent hernandez and injuring two other t.s.a. agents and shot a high school teacher in the leg. the f.b.i. found a note on ciancia saying that he was angry at t.s.a. agents but the note does not talk about what fueled the anger. that is what the f.b.i. agents are trying to determine. that is it for now. >> you can keep up with the new developments on the lax shooting with the mobile app downloaded for free at >> the airport in birmingham, alabama, is back open after a bomb threat over the weekend. an employee found a note that indicated a bomb had been planted inside the airport. police searched but they found
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nothing. >> happening today the family of 13-year-old andy lopez is filing a civil rights lawsuit in his shooting death by snow may county sheriff deputy filing the suit in san francisco today. andy was shot october 22 wild holding a -- while holding a toy gun that looked like an ak-47. the deputy appeared to be agitated when an man was stopped for making an unsafe lane change and the officer asked him to turn off the vehicle. at that point i put my hand out and i said, sir, the vehicle is off and he again screamed the same thing. >> erick gelhaus' attorney said he would only draw the gun if he saw a need. >> union police have a sear
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flash -- serial flasher in custody. this photo is the 20-year-old flasher facing 11 couples of exposure following a ten month investigation that started in november of last year. he spent months exposing himself at two parks in union city. police are asking anyone with information of the incidents to come forward. >> the oakland a's could make themselves feel at home at san francisco's at&t park as they try to hammer out a new lease at the existing home. multiple media reports say the a's won a two year lease giving flexibility to move somewhere else. the coliseum would prefer they sign a five to eight year deal. amy will have a report coming up at 6:30. we want to know what you think of this idea, the giants and a's sharing the same ballpark. leave a comment on our
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facebook page to join the conversation. >> from the south bay, the san jose city council will consider a proposal to build a new multimillion dollar softball complex that is built south of east ridge mall. some city council members feel it is too small and they want to see it built at the county fairgrounds but that could make the project more expensive and tame more time. the project has been in the works since 2000 when voters approved a bond measure. >> in walnut creek, efforts are announced to repeal the new smoking rules and prevent a plastic bag ban. voters, not elected leaders, should decide the issues. a plastic bag ban law is in the works and the city passed a second-hand smoke ordinance last month batching smoking downtown and in open airspaces. they need to gather 4,000 signatures for each initiative in order to get them on the june
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ballot. >> google executive chairman is responding to allegations the u.s. government spied on his company's data centers and is not happy in a new interview, he says any spying is "outrageous and illegal." he says he had made complaints with the n.s.a. about spying, along with president obama and the members of congress. >> the man who exposed the n.s.a. program is again justifying him decision to leak classified information. a german magazine has published an open letter that was written by edward snowden calling the manifesto for the truth and edward snowden argues that people have to fight against suppression of information and says that those who speak the truth are not committing a crime. >> president obama is headed back to the bay area. the president will head s light
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a democratic national competent fundraiser at the jazz center november 25th, the president's 16th visit to the bay area since he took office in 2009. tomorrow is election day. some of the issues measure b and c in san francisco and sunnyvale measure c put new reconstructions on guns. there are several realignment issues. to prepare for the election check out our resource guide on >> if you are voting for back to average temperatures, mike has a winner now. >> i can't police google didn't know the car with the cameras spying on them. >> 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa than yesterday and five in livermore and six in san jose. a lot cooler. to the north we are down to 33 degrees in santa rosa and a possibility of frost in outlying areas. napa is 48 and petaluma is 42
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and novato is 43. richmond district is 44 and lafayette at 46 in redwood city and 39 in santa -- san ramon. warmer weather is on the way at 1- to 4-degrees warmer. today is warmer, same for tomorrow, with the heat peaking on wednesday. then we have a cooling trend and showers in the seven-day outlook. leyla gulen has been busy. >> and getting more so. in the east bay, traveling away from hercules, we have this accident westbound 80 at willow avenue, but check out the traffic coming away from highway 4, a busy commute at 39 miles per hour for a top speed. then you are back on the breaks continued into richmond. southbound 880, we had an early accident involving a big rig, a bumper flew roof and hit soot
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car and everything has been cleared to the shoulder but we have the damage. the approach to the nimitz is slow. 580, tracy to dublin, we are at one hour a drive and highway 4 is slowing down and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is only 16 minutes. >> imagine stuck in a 2' wide space. we will show you the rescue evers to save a college student who was in a "title" situation. >> football fall: a pro coach chances in front of a nation-wide audience. autism -- >> the
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:14. a look at the eastern span of
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the bay bridge. it is fairly clear but it is chilly. we will talk to meteorologist, mike nicco, about the warm-up ahead. >> this story is about a new york university student recovering after being stuck in a 2' going between a dom -- dom -- dorm and a garage. the 19-year-old was stuck in the small space for two days. it took an hour to pull him back. his friends reported him missing on saturday. >> we are not -- if not for his friends he would be dead. >> he looks to be in pretty good health. >> it is not clear how he got stuck but investigators think he may have fallen through a end with.
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>> a scary scene on saturday night football after gary kubiak collapsed leave the field at half time. the 52-year-old was taken off the field on a stretcher and take were to the hospital. the texans said he did not have a heart attack. he felt light headed and dizzy but talked to the paramedics. he is expected to be released from the hospital today. >> a long time quaterback before he turned to coaching the apple c.e.o. is making a rare public call in the opinion pages of one of the largest newspapers in the "wall street journal" over the weekend he called on congress to pass senate bill 815 that extended the firm protections on hiring and limit to gay, lesbian and transgender workers. he wrote, in part and i quote, "so long as the law remains sigh lend on the workplace rights of gay and lesbian americans we as a nation are effectively
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concepting to discrimination against them." a vote takes place today on the bill. >> if you look behind us you will notice bay lights still twinkling and the hours are extended, now, until the sunrise s which is changed because of the time change. >> 5:08 is when the sun is going to set. outside, it was a cool and cloudy weekend but no measurable rain again. we are going to look at temperatures that are going to lift as high pressure takes over and that will keep us from seeing rain again. you are looking at the temperatures in the south bay highlighting cupertino and saratoga at 39 and they are the cool spot, alum rock at 40, and 41 in santa clara and the park and san jose with sunnyvale and
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los gatos at 42 degrees. it is chilly. we do not have any cloud cover, no moisture in the air, nothing to hold the temperature up. live doppler 7 hd showing unlimited visibility. elsewhere, it is 40 in new york and 34 in a cool spot and dublin and san ramon around 34 to 35-degree mark. 44 in san francisco right now. mount tamalpais shows a breeze at 2,600' with the high pressure and brighter conditions warming tomorrow through when. cooler highs by thursday. late this week, the shower is poll. yesterday's area of disturbed low sliding to the south, you can see the bubble of high pressure is moving in right now and that will bring us sunshine and warmer weather. today, mid-to-upper 60's in the south bay and 67 in san jose and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula with 68 in redwood
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city. upper 50's along the coast and flirting with 60's in the sunset. mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valleys. along the east bay sure from berkeley at 65 to oakland at 68 and inland 67 in san ramon for the school spot. tonight is as cool as this morning, mid-to-upper 30's inland valleys. the seven-day forecast shows two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and same on wednesday with a few high clouds today and more on when and thursday as we transition to the cool air mass. we are stuck in the 50's and 60's with a lot cloud cover saturday and a chance of showers on sunday. leyla gulen? >> they are headed out to the seen -- scene of an accident with a car and a pedestrian.
6:20 am
we will have police activity here. to our app we are tracking this accident a care spun off the freeway. we have a report that it is a major accident. that will cause delays as you make the approach through east palo alto. southbound has spectator slowing, as well, and you can always track your own traffic with the abc7 news exclusive waze app to download for free to navigate around the bay area. eric and kristen? >> we have a big week ahead for san francisco-based twitter because the company is ready for 9i.p.o. debut with skepticism the giant is facing as they are ready to go public. >> next, the airport discovery security agents probably did not expect when an alligator ended up in the busiest airports. >> here is the primetime lineup on abc7 news: two hours of "dancing with the stars" at 8:00
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let's check in with josh on what is coming up on america --
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"good morning america" at 7:00. >> we have more on cirque du soleil on a wheel of death act after someone slipped and fell while high on the stage. we will be live in los angeles, at lax, and that scene of the bloody rampage. a lot to get to, all next on "good morning america" next in 35 minutes. >> a massive $800 million casino will open in the north bay tomorrow off 101 in rohnert park with a few california towns with locally made wine and food and smoking is allowed in most areas of the gaming floor. they will employ 2,200 people and the highway patrol is warning heavy traffic to and from the casino. >> india is trying to become the 4th country to reach mars and
6:25 am
conduct experiments. this is their first mars mission. no country has fully successful open their first try. following the launch the sign at this times have 300 days to find out if the spacecraft and their scientific instruments are surveying the atmosphere as planned. only six of the united states nine previous missions to the map it have succeeded. in 2008 the indian search organization launched an orbiter that coulded evidence of water on the moon. >> chicago's busy o'hare airport can be a zoo at times. but not just because of the travelers. this 2' long baby alligator was found near baggage claim open -- on friday. animal control officers think someone brought the alligator to the airport and left it to room the -- roam the terminals.
6:26 am
>> maybe he was smuggled in? >> you never know. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including a deadly crash in san francisco: a car collided with an electric wheelchair. >> the oakland a's could be coming to at&t park but not as visitors. >> we can see everywhere with clear conditions and calm and cooler this morning. i have a warming trend coming in the seven-day outlook. >> we can see where we are going this morning, leyla gulen is here in the traffic center, a busy morning and i will tell you what is affecting the morning commute when news
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. it is 6:29 on this on this monday. it is a great shot from the sutro to tower with light extra early because daylight savings
6:30 am
time and we fell back. >> we did okay. mike nicco has the forecast. >> today, we will set the stage with live doppler 7 hd. good morning to you. dry air with no radar runs and no clouds. it is chilly. american canyon is coolest at 33. dublin is next at 34. we will be 63 at noon and nice sunshine with a few high clouds but righter at 4:00 at 67. you will need the coat in the evening dropping in the mid-to-upper 50's. we are getting close to frost up north. most of us are around the 40-degree mark with light breeze and such shine and 55, ambassador, upper 60's at 4:00 and jacket weather in the evening hours mid-to-upper 50's. the coast is 43 degrees with sun and calm conditions today and upper 50's with a few high clouds in the afternoon but clear in the evening and cooler at 53. it has been busy this morning.
6:31 am
here is leyla gulen. >> i have traffic that will chill you to the bone westbound 4 and 580 is where it is packed. it is report of a car versus a pedestrian so it sounds like a nasty accident san ramon p.d. headed to the scene so there will be activity shortly. to highway 4, a motorcycle accident but in word whether any lanes are blocked but it is busy from antioch to pittsburg. an hour and 10 minutes from tracy to dublin westbound 580 at highway 4 and 31 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 san rafael to san francisco under 20 minutes. >> new this morning, a person in a motorized wheelchair is dead after being hit by a car on market street in san francisco. it happened at the intersection of market at midnight.
6:32 am
the victim was in the crosswalk when he was hit and was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. authorities say the driver stayed at the scene of the accident and is cooperating with investigators. the man accused of killing a t.s.a. agent and injuring three others during a shooting rampage at lax remains unconscious and under guard. paul ciancia was dropped off at the airport by an up suspecting roommate. rain than catching a fly he was walked up to a t.s.a. counter and opened fire killing agent geraldo hernandez. people would knew him are surprised the suspect would do this. >> he was shy the he chest to himself. he was always walking around by himself. >> he was a nice guy. a bit introverted but nothing, really, i would ever expect him
6:33 am
to do. authorities say ciancia said he acted alone. stay with abc7 news with "good morning america" bringing more information on the investigation at 7:00 right after the abc7 morning news. >> you can keep up with the new developments with abc7 news mobile app that can be downloaded for free at >> jetblue says they believe they did the right thing after a passenger yelled threats on a flight from long beach to san francisco on saturday. the airline said it was faster to continue on to sfo with police detaining the passenger here. the passenger shared this cell phone of san francisco police boarding the plane and detabling the man. patrick alexander felt more could have been done to deal with the man after what happened at lax the day before. >> i felt security would be at its highest. i felt in a situation like that when someone says the plane will
6:34 am
go down and will be destroyed, immediate action would be taken to get the many back to the gate with man removed and placed under arrest. >> officers searched the plane and the man's luggage and determined this was a matter of public intoxication. >> what if the home team at at&t work wore green and blue? it could happen if negotiations noun december and major league baseball forces the joy ans to share their ballpark. amy hollyfield is at at&t imagine. >> people do not like this according to facebook all saying "no way," that is not right. there are multiple reports saying major league baseball is considering this thinking of moving to at&t park because of
6:35 am
lease at coliseum. major league baseball is saying they need to get a stadium asigned, how about at&t park in san francisco? the rival would be moving in. neither team has commented on the reports. reporting live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> we want to know what you think of the idea that giants and a's sharing the same ball park. you can join the dison our -- you can join the conversation on our facebook. >> there could be a new ordinance to regulate firearm and their sales. gun store could not be located within 150' of a resident, 500 feet of a park or businesses, or 1,000 feet of a daycare center or school. store owners would have to pass
6:36 am
a criminal back ground check. dealers would have to install surveillance video and an alarm system. this are two gun shops in pleasanton hill. >> a woman charged with running over and killing a couple walking their dog is due in court today. police say march -- marjorie try tell was drunk when she was driving. she has had several court appearances canceled because of health problems. she was arrested last year for driving under the influence. history of drug abuse. >> 56-year-old randy alaina is charged with strangling sandra coke and using her debit card. he insists he did not kill her but does not deny being at motel
6:37 am
where authorities think she was killed. he is a career criminal with 17 >> a man was shot and killed yesterday and was taken to the hospital. investigators say the victim and the suspect knew each other. san jose had the same number of homicides at this point last year. >> uc berkeley students say they just don't feel safe. ahead, the new rash assaults on campus and the steps some are taking to protect themselves. >> first, though, the doubts facing twitter as the company is ready for the public debut on wall street this week. >> here is a look outside at traffic on 680 and walnut creek with heavy stop-and-go
6:38 am
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we are back with a look at what it looks like from emeryville with pitches and the morning sun over san francisco and one of the areas that will be warmer. it will be two degrees warmer in san francisco and 63 in oakland, and san jose is 67 and santa rosa is 68, three degrees warmer and 69 in concord and fremont at
6:41 am
66. adverse weather is in the mountains around los angeles and san diego and possibly to the south of yosemite. 44 in tahoe. i will show you what is left of the storm in mexico, it has fallen apart with only 25 miles per hour with the moisture headed to texas. not a big deal headed to mexico. >> not the morning to use the cruise control. we have a new accident with four cars involved, westbound 580, coming up to airway boulevard blocking one lane. we have heavy backups from tracy. southbound along 84, 24 miles per hour which eases up as you head to the sunol grade from the dublin interchange through pleasanton it is busy. here is the san mateo bridge with traffic backing up from the tolls but now it is moving in the ween direction. >> twitter is looking at being a
6:42 am
$13 billion company when it goes public on wall street. on wednesday, twitter will price the i.p.o. and open thursday the shares will change. but news outlets have reported that the shares will be priced between $23 and $25. these are just estimates and some are saying with 70 million shares offered they will be valued at $13.6 billion. if it goes define $23 and $25 a share. at the same time, though, a new sorried press poll this morning shows that 47 percent of americans or half think that twitter would be a bad invest ment. >> health care havoc, the reasons why you cannot access the health care website at night. >> more and more girls are reaching puberty faster than
6:43 am
ever. >> a dozen muggings and attacks in a month on the uc berkeley campus and students
6:44 am
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, calculate belt and -- campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. it is 6:45 on the weekend we stick back to standard time. what a beautiful shot this only
6:46 am
of the sun up. thanks positively for joining us. police are investigating a fight that left two people with stabbed wounds before midnight at an interpret cafe. a 41-year-old and admen -- a 19-year-old woman got if a fight. though were fighting over their mutual attraction to the same person. >> police at u.k. berkeley are stunning up patrols over a spike in cell phone theft with a dozen muggings in the last month. on thursday, an 18-year-old was grabbed from behind while a man and another pulled a gun, took her phone and went through her purse. being aware is the best way to keep from being a target. >> safest is to not be on the phone, look ahead, take out your ear buds.
6:47 am
>> a student says she now is carrying pepper spray. there are night safety devices or services for students including campus escorts but many students did not know of that or decide not to use them. >> we are hearing from one of the 14 seniors rescued from a nursing home that was shut down by the state. a woman is relieved to be out of valley springs manor. she lived there since august with her husband but says in a short period the couple realized they were not getting the best of care. >> it was bad. we did not get our meds when we were supposed to. one day i got my morning medicines at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. the state ordered the nursing home closed and the staff walked leaving only a janitor, a cook and a caregiver. the owner denies they were abandoned or neglected or or
6:48 am
>> and the malfunctioning website has adversely affected signing up process. it impacted those who called the hotline to sign up and those who submitted paper applications. processors used the same portal no matter how people applied. the website is being taken down for maintenance each night from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. our time. >> we have breaking news, shares of blackberry are falling after the company confirms they will abandon plans for a sale as it struggles in the senate phone market. shares are down about 13 percent to 6:78 a share and we learned that blackberry c.e.o. is stepping down in a statement released this morning announcing they will receive $1 billion investment fairfax financial holdings the company that originally struck a deal to
6:49 am
acquire the canadian smartphone maker. hines will be replaced on an interim basis by former cy base executive. >> girls are entering puberty earlier than ever possibly because of their weight. 1,200 girls were tracked and a high are body index ratio of height and weight was the strongest prediction of early breast development in all races. caucasian and asian girls started puberty 9.7 on average. african-american girls start earlier at 8 and latino girl start at 9.3 years. >> it is gorgeous out there. >> the sun is out. >> the sun is up. it is still very cold. we will look outside to show you what is going on: 32 degrees.
6:50 am
temperature near pleasanton on stoneridge. dry air and calm ones in many areas so why it is so cool. east bay valleys show you where the coolest weather is, 35 this danville and another reporting station in pleasanton has 36 more in the neighborhood, and 38 in dublin/pleasanton and pleasanton hill and concord and walnut creek at 39, and other cool spot is napa at 33 degrees and santa rosa is 34, a possibility of frost in the areas and low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore and san jose is 42 along with hayward. mountain view is 46 and half moon bay is 45 and san francisco is 49. from sutro tower the angel island with bright morning sun and the long shadows as the sun
6:51 am
cops up. were watching through when and slight chance of a shower on sunday. the area of weather brought us the clouds and cooler weather is out of the way with high pressure moving in so we will see warmer weather. mid-to-upper 60's in the south bay and san jose is 67. mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula with redwood city at 68. upper 60's to near 60 along the coast and mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley and ten degrees cooler at the coast with mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore and oakland at 68 for the warm spot and east bay valley upper 60's to near 70 in fairly. tonight is chilly and maybe not so cold but close, mid-to-upper 30's inland and mid-to-upper 40's at the bay shore. the seven-day forecast, after a few high clouds, total sunshine and two to four degree warmer tomorrow and high clouds more
6:52 am
numerous open wednesday and back to thursday and friday and a system draws near on saturday and sunday and it could look like the weekend with limited sunshine and temperatures below showers and chance of showers late sunday into early monday morning. >> we know where our friends in pleasanton can get a nice coat at the stoneridge shopping center. getting there is slow. this is the drive along 580 up to the dublin interchange on 680 beyond the shopping center. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic. very slow traffic. we have this accident southbound 101 at washington street. we have another accident behind it. tomorrow, remember, the casino opens so expect heavy delays on 101 in both directions. another look at our east bay traffic southbound, a brand new accident is leaving us with backups from fremont.
6:53 am
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a gorgeous center of the eastern span of the bay bridge. traffic is looking good and the sun is out because of our time change this past weekend. >> here are seven things to know before you go: one, a person in a motorized wheelchair was hit and killed near the hayes valley neighborhood overnight while in a crosswalk at mash it street. the driver is cooperating. >> the gunman of the lax shooting is telling investigators he acted alone. he remains under armed guard as a los angeles hospital. the 23-year-old paul ciancia killed a t.s.a. agent and wounded three others.
6:55 am
a roommate dropped him off but did not know what he planned. >> the family of children-year-old andy lopez plans to file a civil rights lawsuit after being shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. the attorney said his client would only draw a gun if he saw a need. >> amtrak riders are finally in the central valley after a tough time getting this after the train called in antioch they took buses to stockton but then the next train had problems and it took six hours. >> the oakland a's could be on the way to san francisco at at&t park if they are unable to secure a new lease at the coliseum. the agreement with alameda county coliseum commission ended this past season. >> six, check out early morning sunshine as it is making
6:56 am
everything look orange and brighter. we will have sunshine all day with a few high clouds a coast it is 58 to 63 in downtown san francisco and get ready for 63 to 68 around the bay and warmer inland at 66 to 70. enjoy. a look at the tolls, you need the sunglasses if you are headed in the eastbound direction with heavy traffic. we have an accident in the east bay. the maps take you southbound along the nimitz with an accident. northbound 101 there is a car fire report with possibly one lane blocked but so far traffic coming off the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly. we continue and will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. happening now, you are waking uç to the coldest air of the season on the east coast. near record lows in the 20s. as the first significant snowstorm is set to bring a half a foot into the middle of the country. brand-new details about theç chaotic shooting at l.a.x. as we learn the alleged shooter was droppedç off with his rifle bu his unsuspecting roommate. the suspect still alive under armed guard and under heavy sedation right now. lost and found. the college student caught betw stuck in between a two-footwide space for almost two days.ç the dramatic rescue to pull him to safety. ♪ what does the fox say you choose. the weird and wonderful global awards show. with music's biggest names from lady gaga to eminem. millions of megafans voting.


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